Handmade suede leather moccasins from Darlington Moccassins.  You can find all their styles on:


You can also make your own clothing and accessories.  TAC is offering classes for adults and kids alike where you can create beautiful items to take home with you.

For Adults:

As an beginning you can also learn how to construct a tote bag and matching wallet, apron, simple skirt, or pants in our Fashion Construction Course offered Saturdays from 2:30-5pm.  Upcoming Sessions Begin: Sept 18, 2010 and/or Nov 6, 2010.  Sign up here.

For Kids:

We are offering a multitude of Summer Camp options such as Woven Stuffed Animals, Woven Ipod / DS Holder, Woven Scarfs, Woven Poncho/Shirt, Woven Bag, etc. To register or see our full list of summer classes offered click here.