It’s Monday again, and it’s raining…what a combination.  However, this only means that my post needs to be extra-stimulation in order to get your day going right.  So let me tell you a little story about me:

When I was 6 years old I went though a “grape phase”.  Any grapes that went into the fridge were out and devoured within minutes.  Grapes were the bees knees then, peeled, squished, popped, sliced, anyway you can possible eat a grape that is how I ate it.  I don’t believe my parents ever understood my grand obsession with this magical fruit, but I couldn’t be bothered; I was having a love affair with grapes.  So in art class I made it my mission to accurately depict grapes in “what can only be described as” my self-proclaimed masterpiece.  See, back then I was an undiscovered drawing master and had only to find my muse and I would surely become famous.  My muse was the grape.  Over and over I tried to draw the perfect grape, only finding that my illustrations were lacking in depth, color, and deliciousness.

What I should have learned then is that fruit is not a food to be drawn, it just has too many wonderful facets: its luster, deep natural color, mouth-watering texture…well you get it.  Which is why I got so excited when I came across Fulvio Bonavia’s A Matter of Taste, a collection of sense-tingling photographs of couture items made out of all natural, edible things.

Something else to look forward to this week:  Joetta Maue, celebrated fiber artist, is going to guest blog every other Thursday’s for TAC!  We are so excited to have Joetta be a part of this new facet of the Textile Arts Center.  Now, you can tune in 4 days a week for new posts.