It has come to the end of the week and the Textile Arts Center is hosting its first Free Friday After-Work-Shop.  The activity for tonight is screen printing on your old tee-shirts.

This got me to thinking about patterns and how I, personally, don’t take enough risk in mixing radically different patterns together.  My wardrobe leaves something to be desired on the risk front.  But now that I have graduated from various uniforms, from navy jumpers to jeans, tank, and a cardigan to a more sophisticated palette.  New York City is pretty intimidating on the fashion front.  There are a million different styles to choose from, each one more bizarre than the last, but I guess it’s what keeps New York so interesting.

My biggest problem is that I always feel like I am making a fashion faux pas. However, what I am noticing more and more is that fashion mistakes are really just an illusion.   What may feel good to one individual isn’t necessarily right on others.

So I just wanted to provide you with where I find my inspiration.  I have been fascinated with the color wheel ever since I can remember, and patterns is a great way to mix and match colors.

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