You have a mere 2 days left to make it to the Fiber Art International exhibit in Pittsburgh.  Sadly, I did not make it to the exhibit as I was overdue in having my baby the weekend of the opening and have since been dealing with an insane summer and a new babe in my life. So I am sad that I cannot truly review this show.

Dorie Millerson

But in receiving my catalogue in the mail I was beyond delighted and so excited to see my work amongst such talented and extremely relevent fiber artists. There where plenty of familiar faces such as Dorie Millerson’s awesome crochet works and Tilleke Schwartz’s embroideries. But I was most excited by the fact that most of the work and artist’s were new to me and looked forward to researching their work further.

Erin Endicott

Of course, the incredibly beautiful Healing Sutras piece by Erin Endicott  got tons of exposure in the press and reviews as she took home the Best in show prize.  But my favorite works tended be a bit under the radar.

I love the narrative and emotional charge of Caroline Kirton’s embroidery and applique pieces that explore the time of life that her teenage daughters are in.

But perhaps my favorite work was by Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen.  Her work titled Embroidered Scribbles on a Page in My Notebook simply took non-sensical language &  formulas and “doodles” that might be found in a chemistry majors notebook and recreated it through stitch.  Something about the simplicity, the color, and the ambiguous nature of the text just grabbed my senses and pulled me in. I was beyond disappointed when I was not able to find any other images of Ayelet’s work online as I WANT to see more but apparently she is busy teaching mathematics to college students.

Katherine Webb

Without seeing the actual show I feel like I still got a good sense of the overall exhibit and was impressed with how well it was curated in being able to include such diverse work but also feeling quite cohesive. It seemed there was a overwhwelming amount of incredible embroidery work and quite shortage of sculptural or 3 dimensional work.  So it may simply be that these are the trends of current fiber work but I know of so much exciting work being done by men and sculptors that I hope this show  gets on their radar so that next time they can add to the diversity of the exhibit.

Claire Taylor

A few trends that I saw in the show was the number of artists that were creating narratives & political work through their fiber practices.

You can see a substantial review int he current issue of Fiberarts magazine and Embroidery .

You can also see all the work in the exhibit here and order the awesome catalogue.

Until next time keep your needle threaded!

Joetta Maue is a full time artist primarily using photography and fibers. Her most recent work is a series of embroideries and images exploring intimacy. Joetta exhibits her work throughout the United States and internationally, and authors the art and craft blog Little Yellowbird as well as regularly contributes to Mr. X Stitch. Joetta lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband, baby son, two cats, a goldfish.