One of the designers that never ceases to astound me is Alexander McQueen.  His quirky, visionary mind had no possible bound, he was always pushing the envelope.  Though I find his collections accessible for special occasions and when one would want to take a splash, his wearables are harder to incorporate into an everyday wardrobe.  But hey, if I owned one of his pieces I probably would wear it everyday…even if just in front of my own mirror.

I really don’t need to talk about him, his works speaks entirely for itself.

Fall/Winter 2010

He had an extraordinary gift for creating pieces that tipped on the side of costume in the most elegant way.  Then you look deeper and see the hint of edginess and darkness his look inspires.  If I were financially able, I would be a collector of McQueen’s pieces.

Resort 2011 (Note: Designer – Sarah Burton)  This collection captures the essence of McQueen though it was designed after McQueen’s passing in Feb. 2010)