So I am so excited that I found this amazing artist, Jason Mecier.  What Jason does is completely different from any other art created by ecological artists.  Jason asks celebrities to send their old, used junk to him and in turn Jason creates their portrait out of the junk.  He has gotten dozens of celebrities to do it already.

I mean the creativity that goes into seeing little bits of junk as paint on a masterpiece is a notion that completely escapes me, which is why I am so fascinated by his work.  I think my favorite piece is the Donald Trump portrait which is made out of old cellphones, money, buttons, and hairspray.  Classic.

He is clearly talented.  He never uses the same materials twice and yet he still has the ability to create masterful portraits that embodies each wacky character.

With that being said it is time (I’m afraid) for a little celebrity montage.

Andy Warhol



Nicolas Cage

Scissor Sisters

Anna Nicole Smith

Stevie Nicks

Conan O’Brien


and of course…Lady Gaga

…poor little Kermit.

Jason’s art isn’t only limited to the discarded items of the celebrity caliber.  He also uses mediums such as candy, beans, yearn, other various foodie items, pills, household objects, work items, etc. etc.  I have a feeling this man could utilize even the most insignificant of objects.  To see more of Jason’s collections visit his website.