So it has been a dreary week here in New York and my energy has been lacking lately.  I blame the pouring rain, it doesn’t inspire any energy.  So I wanted to pick an artists whose whimsical designs and bright colors makes me want to stop and take a moment to enjoy another’s imagination.

The beautiful paper illustrations by Yulia Brodskaya is a perfect example of images that make me happy on rainy days.  Her work uses the Victorian technique of quilling, in which ribbons of paper are wrapped around a quill and are employed to create intricate designs.  This technique was used by the women of the 19th century who needed to fill up their time between tea and gin. Though Yulia would describe her work more as a type of paper graphic.

One of the drawbacks Yulia says is that her work is a 3D form, however, most of those who encounter her pieces only see it in the form of a picture taken of her work.  The detail and complexity that the 3D does give her work is not able to come through in a photo.  Though photography does allow her work and paper arts in general to receive much more exposure.

Yulia is internationally recognized for her work.  Her list of clients is extensive and includes: Neiman Marcus, Hermes, Starbucks. Nokia, Lubin perfume, Cadbury, and Target.  She has also been featured in many publications including the New York Times Magazine, Martha Stewart, and Wired.  But really, who doesn’t like clean designs such as these?  On rainy days I wish I had a Yulia Brodskaya piece in my workspace to stare at in awe.