If you haven’t been informed already, the Textile Arts Center is teaming up with Ecouterre.com to bring Fashion’s Night Out to Brooklyn this Friday, September 10.  Very exciting!  In celebration of this spectacular event and to pump up the action a bit more these next 3 days are dedicated to the delectable designers and prime panelists.  Enjoy…

Panelist: Jill Fehrenbacher founder of Ecouterre.com and of the sustainable-design website Inhabitat.com is helping to redefine eco-fashion.  By using the technology of today she is helping designers and manufacturers to embrace sustainable materials and processes.  The Center is so excited to be working with such an innovator in sustainability.  It’s true, the stigma of hemp ponchos and ugly footwear follows eco-fashion, but with a little viral help Jill and the fabulous leaders at Ecouterre.com we are that much closer to a greener planet.

Panelist: Greta Eagan on herself: “I am a fashionista with a conscience. I try to find balance between self-expression and responsible consumerism. My goal in life is to find a way to give to others while doing something I love –therefore related to fashion and beauty.”  But really she is Heidi Klum in disguise.  Let us look at the comparisons: intelligent, driven, multi-talented, has a great sense of style, poised, oh no to mention she is super nice, and a bombshell?  Verdict?  Anyhow her academic background is in sustainable fashion (she began her graduate studies at the London College of Fashion, and completed her dissertation on sustainability at the University of Buckingham), if you had any question regarding eco-fashion Greta is more than capable to answer you.  Founder of Fashion Me Green, Greta is a force to be reckoned with.  Fashion Me Green is a fashion awareness project and style site.  Greta travels all over finding the best green shopping, making over the planet in a color that looks good on everyone, green.  This site is a source of inspiration for anyone looking for eco-friendly fashions but refuse to skimp on style.  Trust Greta, you can have your dress and still hold the bragging rights!

Panelist: Sarah Scaturro is an all-around amazing textile conservator, eco-fashion expert, and curator.  On top of that she also contributes to FashionProjects.org a non-profit organization which highlights the importance of “experimental” fashion in hopes of creating a dialogue between theory and practice.  Among her other achievements she co-curated “The Sustainability Equation: Ethics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Fashion” at the Pratt Institute with Francesca Granata, leads Hack Sustainable Workshops with Giana Gonzalez, and makes a killer coleslaw.  “Hacking Sustainable” workshops seek to literally hack open the sustainable fashion movement making it more accessible to the consumer.  In the end those involved will create their fashion manifesto which signifies the commitment made by each individual to follow their codes.

Designer: Tara St. James is a New York based Eco-designer who has launched a ton of awesome projects. Out of her creative collective, Study NY,  “The Square Project” first showed at Fashion Weeks The Green Shows last year.  “The Square Project” is a study of shapes in relation to the human form — starting with a square.  The idea is to create a sustainable collection that can be worn in multiple ways.  Styles are numbered according the amount of squares used (i.e. Style 1 uses 1 square, 2 uses 2 squares) up to 9 styles.  You can follow the progress of Study NY project here.

Here are four innovative women blazing the way for slow fashion.  Tune in tomorrow for more incredible individuals who know that slow fashion is the way of the future.   The sustainability panel begins at 7pm September 10, come early to claim your seat!