One day closer to the huge Fashion’s Night Out event and the Center is a bustle. We have freshened the place up and it looks fabulous, a perfect venue for such a prestigious night.  The designers and panelists are preparing their statements and finalizing their products for the a big night of shopping.  Safe to say that everyone is enthusiastic that the night will be a success.

Among the designers present are 4 local female designers who are dedicated to creating timeless clothing pieces for women that can be worn for a lifetime. Each collection has their own unique fingerprint, and trust me you will want a piece from each of them.

Panelist / Designer: Caroline Priebe founded Uluru, a clothing label with a sustainable business model, which created low-impact clothing that was minimal, easy to wear, and flattering.  Caroline’s designs focuses on dramatic silhouettes and detailed stitching whilst using eco-friendly textiles such as alpaca knits, organic cotton and hemp silk. Her signature cashmere dress was the lust of women everywhere and her easy to wear cashmere knits are still a must for the upcoming fall season.  Caroline wants every woman to have an easy go-to outfit that never fails to catch the eye and maintain ultimate comfort.  Uluru was carried in stores such as Barney’s, TrueBlue, Cantaloup, Big Drop, Elegance, etc. all over the U.S.A.  Currently she is with the company Rogan whose clothing also combines “soulful minimalism with traditional quality and craftsmanship”.  Caroline will be speaking on the “slow fashion” panel which begins at 7:00pm.

Designer: Titania Inglis is truly a designer who understands that modern women look for clothing with taste, class, and a really great seam.  After studying under big names Stærk, ThreeAsFour, and Jean Yu she ventured out with her own label, and boy are we happy she did.  Her collections utilize organic material such as Japanese organic cotton and linen dyed with vegetable dyes and leather that has been vegatablely tanned.  Her fall collection dabbled in draping, volume, and angles, which you can view on her website.  Titania will also be appearing on the “slow fashion” panel and selling her designs during the shopping hours.

Panelist / Designer: Shabd Simon-Alexander is the brilliant mind behind the “tie-dye-centric” clothing that has sparked new interest in tie-dye.  She creates limited edition pieces which take the female shape and tie-dye them in patterns that are inspired by the Hubble telescope photos (as shown on the left).  Again, she uses all natural fibers such as organic silks, wools, and cottons and each piece is dyed by hand in her Brooklyn studio.  Her designs have been reviewed by Nylon magazine, the New York Magazine, the NY Times, Daily Candy,, Time Out NY, the Martha Stewart Show, and Blackbook to name a few.  She is no stranger to fashion and her dyed leggings and tights are on my wish list.  Come see Titania speak on the “slow fashion” panel at 7:00pm Friday then get your tie-dye on at 8:30!

Panelist / Designer: Caitlin Mociun was born the daughter of seafaring Tony Mociun and pedagogical Jillian Mociun, and the sister of quiet Jonah Mociun.  Her dramatic print dresses is what caught my eye first from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Each shift dress has an eye-catching pattern uninterrupted in the front and then a careful cutout at the back reveal and unexpected eye-full of skin.  I think it’s great when a piece of clothing looks completely different depending on the angle you look at it.  “Part of my main driving force is about making something different and approaching fashion design in a little different way than it’s been done before. Sustainability is a big issue, and it’s not just about using organic fabric. I’m interested in creating a brand that can start in a small space, using local factories and collaborating with local artists in New York and Brooklyn, but finding a way to grow from that. ” — Interview with  As you may have guessed already, Caitlin will also be speaking on the “slow fashion” panel, and when the talking is over you can also browse through her amazing selection of clothing and purchase purchase purchase to your heart’s content.

Tune in tomorrow for accessories!