It is my belief that accessories can make or break an outfit.  You can have the most boring collection of clothing, but if you have a striking belt, glitzy jewelry, or a big floppy hat you can create an unforgettable look.  That is why when you stop by 505 Carroll Street TOMORROW be sure to stop by the 4 accessory designers’ tables.

Designer: Shannon South of reMade USA is gracing the Center with her fabulous “upcycled” one-of-a-kind leather accessories.  Shannon sources her worn in, loved for ages leather at second-hand stores and disassembles them so she can construct beautiful bags through the inspiration of the original jacket.  The beauty of the bag is in the wear of the previous owner; the imperfections of the leather tells the story of its previous life and lets the bag be the storybook.  reMade USA was born out of the concern with creating yet another product to add to the gazillions already on this planet. Shannon has a strong belief that if one is to be a product designer, there’s an important responsibility in thinking about what materials might do to the environment and how the people manufacturing them are being affected.

Panelist / Designer: Margarita Mileva of M2 Jewelry and her stunning rubber band necklaces will be present at Fashion’s Night Out: Celebrating “Slow”.  If you didn’t see the previous post about her jewelry you can read the entire version here. An architect and jewelry maker, took one office’s trash and turned the into intricate jewelry pieces that have taken the world by storm.  Most recently she has submitted her new Rubber Band Pin Designs to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago gift shop and her designs were recently featured in Art Show – an international contemporary and modern art fair held annually in May.  The pieces definitely speak for themselves.  Accompanying Margarita’s jewelry is her jaw-dropping rubber band dress.  Just see what the TAC Kids had to say:  “Wow you made that?” – Anonymous Kid 1  “How did you DO that?” – Anonymous Kid 2  “I want to wear it!” – Me

Designer: Jennifer Sarkilahti of {Odette} is an artist in New York City who designs and crafts her distinctive collection, Odette New York, out of her Brooklyn studio.  Since launching in 2006, Odette New York has been featured in magazines Lucky, InStyle and People StyleWatch and worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift.  Her designs are inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, antique artifacts, and travel mementos; made using ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrication.  Gotta love tiny little treasures that can be worn around your neck or on your finger.  I especially love her petit collection, which I may have told you before, but I can’t say it enough.  I love tiny, beautiful things.

NEW Rising Tide Fair Trade have joined the festivities with their one-of-a-kind bags.  Rising Tide Fair Trade works with artisans in developing countries who earn a fair wage, enabling them to support their families and achieve a sustainable business operation. The fair trade artisans we work with earn roughly 60 percent more than they would for comparable factory jobs. Since most of the artisans have the choice to work from home, they can tend to their children while contributing to the family income.  percentage of our profits are donated to philanthropic programs that educate and equip under served young women with the skills needed to secure employment or start a business.

Each of these design lines will be available during the shopping hours that begins at 8:30pm. You can also participate in the exciting FREE workshops that will be going on simultaneously to the shopping hours.  We have natural dying, Bags for the People, and Sewing Rebellion all lined up and eager to show participants how to sew, dye, and repair damaged clothing.  Listen to the bumping tunes of DJ Whistlepunk, eat, drink, and be merry.

**Also, don’t forget to bring any old, worn out, unused clothing for Wearable Collections.  Clean out your closet for all the awesome new duds you are going to buy!  Can’t wait to see you there.