As promised, today we are going to have a little fun.  A little guessing game to get the nerves fired up.

Each one of these pictures is part of a larger work, though not all the works presented are typically “large”.

It is really hard to interpret when you are only given a small part of the art to look at. Remember those birth control commercials where 4 women were touching different parts of a rhino and they all made a guess as to what they were touching….

This is sort of like that.

But I think that the artists is more interested in the details and the painstaking work that goes into creating their pieces.

The Grand Opening Party and Cutting Edge: A Celebration of Fiber being TOMORROW at 8:00pm.  There is food provided by our lovely neighbors Bencotto, drinks by P&H Soda and Fire Island Beer, art provided by 27 amazing artists, music by the Raya Brass Band, and good people provided by the Textile Arts Center.  Enjoy.