–Light and air are invisible existences–

Asako Ishizaki‘s inspiration comes from the drama created by nature’s ecosystem, which penetrates every facet of our lives.  Her work offers to simulate the senses and imagination of invisibility and visibility.  “Therefore the form of my work should devote itself to become minimalist, as if by natural selection, and should catch air and light to make it possible to sneak in the natural beauty.” — Asako’s Artist Statement

Thus all of her works are transparent and airy to allow the light and air to intertwine with the structure.

From the Earth

Field – SUI

Drawing of Light

Field- Crossing

Asako creates three-dimensional, free-standing sculptures created out of silk and linen.  She is a highly skilled weaver and in 1969 created her own way of weaving. This is a mixture of plain weave and allowing the weft threads to cross freely without warp threads at various points. The cloth is then oversewn to increase its density, or pleated to give a further dimension.  The piece ´Drawn From Light´ is woven from linen and silver yarn but involves the use of the light as a key component. The work is lit from above so that the pattern of the threads cast shadows, drawing from the light. In the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, curator Lesley Millar describes the delicate nature of the work: “the horizontal ´weft´ threads have been tie-dyed giving a variation of colour and texture which add to the visual sensation that the work is floating in the air´.

I think it’s incredible that Asako captures the beauty of light and air so perfectly. When I think of beautiful light and air I think of sheer white curtains blowing in the morning wind, and that feeling of peace and awe are reflected in her pieces.  I imagine that her work would perfectly coincide with the quiet sounds of nature that lull adults to sleep.

Beyond the Season

Beyond the Season 2003


SOUKEI – Wrapping