Today I wanted to share an obsession that started when my cousin began to make kooky looking stuffed creatures during Thanksgivings up in Michigan. Though she is constantly expanding her brain with information of the ages, she still manages to find time to create these odd creatures.

Zen Monster

Big Heart Big Teeth Monster

Sarah Palin Voo Doo Doll

For more of Margaret’s creations you can visit her site  She has bags, shirts, drawings of law school, and definitely more creatures!

Another creature artist I like is Donna Wilson, a London-based textile designer.  Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of art. The creatures sold out and since then she has built her business designing and making a collection of curious cushions, luxurious lambswool blankets, and variety of products for you and your home.  Her look is cartoonish and teetering on crazy, but they are plush, adorable, and I just want to hug them all.



Ed Red Head

Harry Hairy Head


Peeping Tom





Lightning Cloud Pillow

Rain Cloud Pillow

To see more of her designs visit