For all you textile artists that are itching for a cute video Owyn was sent, then this is the answer to your prayers!  Check this absolutely heart-warming textile video.  I couldn’t even believe it is a commercial for Nokia.

Nokia ‘Dot’ Video

Directed by Sumo Science

On another note, we had three video submissions to Cutting Edge.  They were all shown at our Opening Party but you may have missed them from the crowds of people pouring into the space and crowding around the projector.  I will be attempting to put the videos up on the Textile Arts Center’s website soon.  (Wish me luck.)  Though, I think it is important that you learn a little about these artists as they are an integral part of the show.

Video 1: Metamorphosis by Heidi Field-Alvarez

Is an interesting work in which a white dress seems to constantly be changing its shape to the point where the viewer questions what the white mass even is.  Randomly you will see bursts of human ligaments and you are reminded of the dress.

Additional text was added into the end of the video, putting into perspective what the metamorphosis means.


The metamorphosis of

marriage can feel like

being trapped,

stretching and

transforming a traditional


The wedding dress is a

fixation on the past.


I haven’t decided yet whether or not this video celebrates the change marriage brings to a person or criticizes it.  I feel it is a personal struggle, whether or not you can accept that change will come or if you fight it all the way.

Video 2: On her Birthday, Give her  Drum by Sarah Bahr

Is a beautiful video of the artist embroidering a white dress she is wearing in the park.  The viewer watches and waits as the plain dress is morphed into an extraordinary wearable.  For me it comments on how easily you can change your life to become something beautiful and completely your own.  Taking something as simple as a dress and creating something new.  Which comes to the title, that confused me at first but after viewing the video resonates with the idea of pure creation.   A drum is the perfect instrument, you don’t “have” to take lessons to learn it and there are a million different beats you can create with it.  For me, the celebration is in true creation.

Video 3: The Invisible Woman by Lou Trigg

A movie and work of literature, the Invisible Woman is one woman’s story and how she became invisible.  The movie is a series of illustrations and text done in stitches, which makes the work raw and simple.  The simple stitching whispers the quiet invisibility of the main character drawing the viewer into the story.  You are able to purchase one of these books at the Textile Arts Center or you may read one of them and admire the exquisite work of Lou.

Look for these videos on the website coming to you in the next week.  (Once I work out the kinks!)

Till next week, come in and enjoy the entire Cutting Edge show, and keep on creating.