One wouldn’t think that knitting could be associated with a word such as guerilla.  Whenever I tell someone I knit the first thing that comes out of their mouth is, “Wow, are you an old lady?”  Though, many of my friends would rather be playing video games or drinking so they probably aren’t the best audience to share this talent.  Nonetheless, my favorite rainy day activity was to pop in a movie and knit with my roommate during my college years.

Then I came across this guerrilla urban knitting video from London.  This Yarn Corps is trying to make London a little brighter by decorating urban structures with wooly treats.

This is what their website says (the description is just too good to put into my own words):

Knit the City are a crack team of woolly warriors turning the city Knitwise since February 2009.  It is part of an ongoing campaign to guerrilla knit the city of London, and beyond that the world.  No part of the city is safe from Knit the City’s woolly war on the mundane, humdrum and expected. We will bring woolly sunshine to you where ever you dwell. We’re nice like that.

Each of the Yarn Corps‘ individuals have their own reasons for their knitty crimes.

Guerrilla knitting or ‘yarnstorming’ (or ‘yarn bombing‘ with a nod to our guerrilla knitting cousins across the pond and Knitta Please who inspired us to begin our yarnstorming campaign) is the art of covering part of the world in a knitted or crocheted fabric. It is a street art that harks back to woolly thoughts of grandmas and nice cups of tea by the fire, takes that stereotype by the blue rinse and drags it kicking and screaming into the street to wrap round a lamppost, blanket a bollard, or swathe a signpost.


Here are other photos of YarnCorps tyranny.

Twas the Night before Christmas in cold London Town,

Where a lone ballerina was cast with a frown,

Yet the girl was not long for her knitless despair,

For KTC’s Yarn Corps soon would be there.

The Yarn Corps is doing wonders to London.  Popping up where the English least expect it!