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Within the confines of my own bedroom in my parents apartment I have dreamed of the amazing apartment I know will surely be mine one day.  Of course, it helps when you have visuals to keep the excitement alive.  Especially when it comes to these beautifully crafted, reclaimed wooden furniture.

All of these companies respect the natural grain and movement of wood and try to enhance the individual look through slight manipulation and tons of polishing.  (Like how women opt for natural looking makeup.)

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In the United States of America, wood once functioned as the primary building material because it was strong, relatively inexpensive and abundant. Today many of these woods that were once plentiful are only available in large qualities through reclamation.

Reclaimed wood is popular for many reasons: the wood’s unique appearance, its contribution to green building, the history of the wood’s origins and the wood’s physical characteristics such as strength, stability and durability. Reclaimed beams can be sawn into wider planks than the harvested lumber and many companies purport that their products are more stable than newly cut wood because reclaimed wood has been exposed to changes in humidity for far longer and therefore more stable, allowing them to be used with radiant heating systems.

–Information provided by Wikipedia

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