Big THANK YOU to Sabrina Gschwandtner for coming out to give a great lecture.

So, for those of you who missed the Sabrina Gschwandtner lecture last Thursday, there was a good turnout and great conversation post presentation.

(attendees with The Virgin Knitters exhibition)
Aside from the mishap of badly listed times (sorry, folks) I was really happy with how the evening went. Sabrina is extremely knowledgeable, with lots of thoughts to share. Her presentation covered many great artists and current projects, taking the angle of SOLUTIONS in knitting. I liked this.
Some highlights:
UFO Administration
A week or so ago, I had the privilege of meeting the lovely ladies behind the London shop, Prick Your Finger. They stopped in to say hi on the suggestion of Sabrina.
(“How to be a fairy” —
Sabrina kicked off her presentation about the UFO (UnFinished Objects) Adminitration, and I had NO IDEA it was the same people. In any case, you should check out the blog and — pick from many of the uploaded UFO’s (could be totally based on the background story) and complete the project how you see fit, with as much or little nostalgia as you desire. I really want to visit the shop next time I.. happen to be in London. Sigh
You’ve probably seen the petition before (big knit/crochet Nike check blanket):
microRevolt projects investigate the dawn of sweatshops in early industrial capitalism to inform the current crisis of global expansion and the feminization of labor.”
One feature of microRevolt is knitPro. knitPro is a free application that allows any user to upload a digital photo, to be turned into a crochet/knit/needlepoint pattern to use in your next project. I like this a lot.
Theresa Honeywell
Perhaps something that we’ve seen a lot through history, covering items that traditionally require no cozy. In particular, Honeywell focuses on popart, and the “macho” culture of tattoos, tools, and motorcycles. Using “feminine” crafts, she covers “masculine” objects, creates crochet tattoos, and colorful installations.
Lacey Jane Roberts
Lacey Jane Roberts was also covered in Adrienne Sloane’s talk “Knitting the Political Landscape”. After The California College of Art took away “&Craft”, Roberts was highly affected. In reaction, she replaced the “& Craft” just in time for campus tours and photoshoots.
In the end this sparked some conversation. A question raised was that we’ve seen a lot of “graffiti” and urban craft through the recent years, to the point that perhaps its no longer shocking — it is not the new “thing”. What is next for contemporary textiles? Where do we see it going, as a political voice or other?
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