Last night I had sunday dinner over at my parents house. It’s been a nice little tradition I’ve started for myself in the past few weeks. Quite possibly has everything to do with wanting comfort before the pending doom of Jan – April, but the really fun (and sickly sappy) atmosphere around the holidays.

My mother is extremely creative. She works in marketing for software securities (womp, womp) so I’ve always loved seeing her little visions come to life in our small brick house. Christmas morning stays the same: wake up, have a giant waffle brunch with every topping ever, open gifts from our over-the-years-appliqued stockings, and on to spending 3+ hours going around in circles opening one present at a time. It’s always been a joke about my brother and I opening presents with such care — playing with each new toy before moving on — amidst cousins in a mountain of Hallmark wrapping paper.

I think this care came mostly from the appreciation of the time my mother took in wrapping presents. We have 3 large garment boxes piled with carefully wrapped ribbons and interesting folded papers. I can’t remember the last time we bought a roll of wrapping paper. Most pieces have holes and old tape, names of past recipients somehow covered up for the new year. The presentation has always been the best part. Particularly receiving socks filled with pennies. Was an evil trick, but worth the laugh.

This paper hoarding is definitely a tradition I can deal with, so I’ll start this year saving the great papers. I’m definitely down with the creative recycling people have been making more popular. And if it becomes a tradition, it will be more than a passing trend to be more conscious of my consumption.

I really enjoy these from John Boak:

A baking pan!

A sophisticated patchwork

A plastic bottle!

An aerosol spray can lid!

Or using traditional Japanese wrapping techniques and using fabric instead:

(courtesy Ikebukuro Diary)

(courtesy PSFK)

What will you do with your wrapping this season? We’ve got a few great workshops in our Holiday Gift Series coming up:

Paper Marbled Wrapping Paper

Sunday December, 12 — 11-2PM

(traditional Turkish Ebru)


Block Printing for Wrapping

Sunday, December 12 — 3-6PM

Really adorable block printed labels from Corrabelle

I love the Legos! From mamalibrarian