I was never a very good knitter, my heart always fell more towards crochet. However, knitting was the first textile art that I learned. I was 6 and I knitted a orange cotton scarf.. for my baby doll! I still have it, it was transformed into a headband during my teenage years.

My second project happened when I was 8 and it was a scarf too, this time for my great grand mother. Despite my hard work and my grandmother’s help, the scarf could barely cover the whole neck, but hey, maybe it was just a premonition of the now-s0-fashionable-cowls?

(Courtesy of Banksy)

My mother use to knit complicated fair isle sweaters, my grandmothers spoiled me throughout the years with beautiful lace knit cardigans and even one of my high school boyfriends was really into knitting. All this to say that I feel emotionally connected to knitting.

And that I love the The Virgin Knitter exhibition, now up in the walls of the Textile Arts Center. During one month, Kimberly Hall taught knitting workshops at TAC to anyone who had never finished a knitting project, in exchange for their first scarf. Her belief is that each first scarf is a lucky object because it is the only first scarf the knitter can make.

All the scarves from the TAC workshops and others that Kimberly has been teaching since 2007 are part of the exhibition and up for Silent Auction —  not for monetary exchange, but for the desire for the particular scarf. Kimberly believes that the act of giving away allows the maker to consider the emotional and intellectual work he/she put into the piece.

See photos of the opening of The Virgin Knitter exhibition at TAC and learn more about the Virgin Knitters project here.

Scarf by Kaori H., 5 year old

It’s been a treat to look at the scarfs and read the stories and fall in love with them.. Like the little finger-size-doll scarf knitted by a 5 year old girl (try to outbid me on that one and you’ll see what portuguese anger is all about).

Scarf by Rachel S.

Come  join us at the Textile Arts Center next Friday, December 3rd, to learn more about Kimberly Hall’s The Virgin Knitter project and the allure of handmade. There will be wine and cheese and good company. The exhibition is only up until December 11th, so it’ll be the perfect opportunity to come see or re-see it and make your last bid (no $ required, just a good reason) on the scarfs before Kimberly Hall makes her decision.