… at All Saints store!

Some weeks ago, while doing some errands in Soho I came across with the new All Saints store. All Saints is a British brand that opened its first store in the US last May and has now two locations in the city, in Soho and Meatpacking District.

What’s special about this? Both stores are decorated extensively (and I do mean extensively) with vintage sewing machines. Think Singer, Pfaff, Superba, Bernina,… Now think about over a thousand of them. It’s pretty impressive. More impressive even, since some of their stores in the UK are also decorated with sewing machines. According to WGSN, all the sewing machines are being imported from India.

The store in Soho featured also some vintage industrial sewing machines, used as display cases. I spent more than 20 minutes just looking to the machines.. they’re all so beautiful and  full of detailed designs. And they look so magical and probably full of stories.. So different from our white plastic chunky ones, that we all learned to love nevertheless.

I wonder what will All Saints do with all those sewing machines when they change the decoration? If there’s waiting list, please sign me.