Pumpkins come out on Labor day, Christmas tinsel comes out the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m forced to care what the hell I’m going to do on February 14th as the ball drops. All cringeworthy reminders of our rapidly approaching future — we can’t seem to just enjoy the present, can we?

But, I’ve quit the typical hating on Valentines day in last few years (I’m down to an eye-roll), and this year am even happy, proud, to say that we are having a small Valentine’s Day event(!!) at Textile Arts Center.

For tonight’s AfterWorkShop, we’re joining in with Etsy for Special Delivery. Etsy, and many others, are taking some time to make Valentine’s Cards to be donated to City Meals-On-Wheels to be handed out with the daily delivery on February 14. City Meals-On-Wheels serves over 18,000 people — so we need a lot. Can’t make it tonight? You can donate money, volunteer, or come to Etsy Labs on Monday, Jan 31.

So, join us to spread some love, and add some joy to the holiday we cynical New Yorkers take for granted. TONIGHT, Jan 28, 6:30-9PM.

For some inspiration, I’m very much enjoying these from Crooked Sister:

And though this is on fabric (we’ll be doing paper) — still sweet — from katie.cupcake:

And a little more abstract, yet a great effect — from A Little Hut :

We’ll also be doing a little cardboard recycling, a-la Design*Sponge: