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Back in October we held a class taught by the wonderful Emily Fischer of HapticLab.

Emily was a wonderful teacher and I was so happy we were able to offer a basic quilting class that engaged people with contemporary design. Quilting inherently is a a bit nostalgic — evoking images of rocking chairs, Grandma, piecing together old clothes so you can keep them around forever and ever… Whatever one’s general opinion on the “typical” quilt look, quilting is a fantastic skill that can be used in so many ways and applied to all kinds of items.

However, I think it can be a little difficult to find people doing new and interesting things with the very time consuming hobby. Emily is a long time quilter, with a family-quilting background, but her clean and modern aesthetic allows for items that are “New York chic” with a level of nostalgia that is just right and suitable to the individual.

I had been ogling Emily’s work for awhile, and after meeting her, was so happy she was willing to teach at TAC. Of course, in my stupidity, I thought I’d actually have time to take the class…I hardly got beyond cutting out my backing. However, Carol Cho over at BurdaStyle, posted her finished project! It’s so exciting to see finished student work, particularly in use or back in their own environment.

A perfect example of how Emily’s quilts allow for the individual to create something relevant to place, space, memory, through text, drawing, fabric choice. Carol’s USA map tracks all the cities she has visited with her boyfriend.

Emily is also a really good person. She has been working with Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and this weekend they will have a huge Open House at the new Gallery on Atlantic Ave, which you should all go to! RSVP =

If you haven’t noticed the craziness of Fashion Week you must be living under a rock.  This season we also had a great line of GreenShows premiering in the Metropolitan Pavilion, and hosted by our very best friends

The GreenShows is the premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion.  The GreenShows produces a comprehensive canvas for full-length runway shows featuring an edited selection of designers. 

I was fortunate enough to attend the Bright Young Things show this evening, and it was an exciting experience.  Off the bat I met a friendly, conversationalist who was very excited to receive free Hydration Cream by amika.  Then I saw the esteemed Carol Cho from BurdaStyle and Greta Eagan from FashionMeGreen.  All who attended were electrified with excitement and buzzing with anticipation to see Eliza Starbuck’s new designs. 

I was in great company and great clothes.  Eliza Starbuck, the designer, tailored 8 garments that were molded and folded frontward, backward, and inside out to create 16 beautiful, unique looks.  Bright Young Things is a collection that quenches our craving for creativity.  The point and purpose of this line is to design for the girl who has a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear in mind.  Eliza intertwines versatility and sustainability into each piece.  Bright Young Things began as one “little black dress” and is now 8 pieces that allows you to “shop your own closet”.