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Collected Trash by Tim Nobel & Sue Webster

There are a lot of eco-friendly products out there, some you can even create yourself. Sometimes I find myself speechless when I come across creative genius.  You know, when you stare at the image and kicking yourself because the idea is so simple, why didn’t you think of it?  But these visionaries have minds open to the possibilities of even the most overlooked objects.  I feel that this is an important lesson and guideline of living sustainably: to have the ability to free your mind of constraints and get a new perspective.

Collected Trash by Tim Nobel & Sue Webster

First, there’s Lisa Fredrika Aslund who designed shoes which recycled chunks of wood from furniture construction.  Beautifully handcrafted and are complete shoe-stunners.

Antonello Fuse for Abitudini brought life back to discarded chairs.

While Katie Thompson was creating furniture out of antiques.  Giving a whole new meaning to “re-upholstery”…

And the icing on top is these fabulous vases created by Human Republic, repurposing our millions of wasted water bottles.

**All of these creative ideas are recycled from   🙂

It is a common thing to look at one’s feet when one is extremely shy.  Why not give them something interesting to look at?

Bolon, a Swedish vinyl flooring company, have been producing beautiful woven vinyl flooring for over 50 years have produced some of the most eco-friendly “flooring without limits”.  Though not many people would see vinyl flooring as chic, these designs are hard to pass up.  They look and feel just like textile flooring but have all the advantages of vinyl flooring from the installation to the cleaning.

Some of the most well-known and luxurious hotels have opted for Bolon’s environmentally friendly woven flooring.  Used either outside or inside, neutral or bold, Bolon’s distinction cannot be denied.  From the Sheraton, Hilton, and Best Western to The Four Seasons, and Club Med these innovative colors and patterns add a refreshing punch of  individuality to the most common of accommodations.

Bolon’s flooring looks great and feels great AND on top of that are made out of plasticisers which consist of 100% renewable raw material, with origin in the plant kingdom, which was added to their most recent line “Botanical” and will be spread to the rest of its line within the next coming years.  It’s initiatives is to make a product that is completely environmentally adaptive and climate neutral.  Bolon’s factories also use 100% recycled electricity to run their extensive facilities.

One may want look at their feet for days…