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Today’s post comes from the Dye Lab of the Textile Arts Center.

About the Dye Lab:  The Dye Lab houses the Textile Arts Center’s synthetic and natural dyes. It is also the proud new home of our industrial drying rack, working table, and all the dyeing materials necessary to turn that dingy, white cloth into a stunning cobalt blue.

We are very conscientious that textiles have a huge carbon footprint on our environment. Part of our mission is to provide training and promote “slow” and sustainable textile production methods, by teaching traditional textile arts techniques and encouraging the use of natural dyes and fibers.

Besides using natural materials, other way to promote sustainable textile and fashion practices is to try to re-use and re-purpose what you already have. One way to give a total new twist to a old skirt or make those 10 yards of ugly brown fabric useful is achieved simply by dyeing it. We believe that dyeing can and should be eco-conscientious and sustainable, and we’re taking those principles in account while equipping our dye lab.

We also have an on-going collaboration with the community garden on our block, where we grow plants and flowers that can be used successfully as dyes. We’re trying as much as possible to use the dyes obtained from the garden, in our classes/workshops and in our products. We’re also especially interested in promoting the use of natural dyes that can be easily (and cheaply) found at any garden or farmer’s market in our community and we have exciting collaborations with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Skillshare happening this month.

Plus, dyeing is fun!

For all these reasons and because there are “some costs” associated with having a state-of-the-art dye lab, here comes our second kickstarter campaign!