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A ways back we had a strange/serendipitous meeting with The Loom — “a six-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn featuring male and female vocals, horns, guitars, banjo, ukulele, keys and percussion that CMJ describes as “Appalachian garment, angst-y stitching.” (

They were about to shoot their feature video for Break Thru Radio at the Carroll St. bridge, when they passed by the studio…and of course saw looms. So, obviously, they shot the video here instead.

I happen to remember it being a particularly rough day, and this was an awesome way to end the day.

Happy Friday!

And finished up your shopping at the BK Craft Central Holiday Market this weekend at Textile Arts Center and Littlefield! Sat + Sun, 11 – 6

The MetaLoom came down today for the winter and repairs. After a long winter of exposure to children and the elements, we enlisted some new people to help us take it down this time. Gerard Nadeau, the MetaLoom designer, ventured back to NYC; our wonderful summer interns, Kawan and Tyrence, returned; and Liesl Hazelton, a very talented Australian textile artist who is traveling the world on scholarship, was nice enough to take some of the load off us. She’ll be joining us for the next two weeks and hopefully in 2010!

Tali Weinberg, textile artist and grad-student at NYU, also came by to help. She wrote a wonderful blog entry about the MetaLoom and we hope to collaborate with her in installing it at a conference on fashion and textiles at NYU in late January. We’re so happy to be working with people who have new visions for textiles and inspiring perspectives on their role in our world. Thanks, Tali : )

So check back here or the website for MetaLoom updates — we are looking forward to a busy 2010.