In a world of skimpy skirts, 5 inch high heels, layers of makeup, and some of the lowest cut dresses I have ever seen it is nice to see that some of the ideals of retro clothing is coming back. I have always been a more conservative dresser myself, that value was instilled by my parents my entire life and I am thankful they have.

Television shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire are in eras where women reveled very little skin and held the air of sophistication and sensuality.  Designers like Alexandra Grecco design using these eras as her influence, and the clothing is must-have.

You can also purchase Grecco’s design on or if you are just looking to browse vintage designs my favorite site would definitely have to be which has become a go-to shopping site lately.

Even the music goddess, Beyoncé Knowles, is keeping it retro-chic with her music video, “Why Don’t you Love Me.”  Check out those sky-high shoes.  My favorites are those patent red and neon yellow heels she wears when “clipping hedges”.

Movie from

But one of my favorite retro indulgences has to be hats, Dior hats to be specific.  If you want to be the completely envy of women everywhere this fall having one of these hats in your possession will one-up the competition.

I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to have a red feather concoction on their head?

And of course what blog entry can talk about retro clothes and not talk about retro shoes? Though I could just show pictures of Chanel’s impeccable line of vintage shoes I want to show you a more affordable and easier to access line of shoes by J.Crew.  I love these retro inspired looks for fall.